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Super Bowl Clean-Up Underway In Downtown Tampa

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - Over the next several days, members of the NFL Environmental Department will be working with local organizations to clean up Super Bowl materials, while also trying to reduce waste.

The environmental program called NFL Green will take items used during the Super Bowl, like banners and then donate them to local organizations like Habitat for Humanity to be reused.

Jack Groh, Director of NFL Green says "We want to lighten the environmental impact of all the activities that we do. The second thing we want to do is create legacy projects so that we leave some kind of permanent benefit in the host community."

The Sixteenth of June

Groh says he's working with eight local organizations to help clean up the Super Bowl. "We talk to them about the types of material we anticipate to have leftover and what can be done with it," said Groh.

Some of that material includes "A lot of décor material. That's going to be fabric, mesh and vinyl. We'll have a lot of building materials. It can be lumber, brick," said Groh.

He says the building materials can go to Habitat for Humanity and the light banners downtown can be used to make clothing items or souvenirs. This year, many banners are going to the women's prison in Ocala. "They will be taking the material and sewing it into all kinds of different things, whether it's tote bags or small bags, backpacks or whatever, and then those women at the prison donate those items to local kids in need,' said Groh.

Banners will also be used in other ways. "Some of those will be given as gifts to VIP's and partners who have worked with the Super Bowl Host Committee. Others will be donated individually to local non-profit agencies and we give them to either auction or raffle that off to raise money for their organization," said Groh.

Groh says if you want some Super Bowl merchandise, you should consider bidding at a local organizations auction. "That money that you pay for it isn't going to go into somebody's pocket. It's going to end up serving the people of Tampa and those who are most vulnerable," said Groh.

NFL Green employees say they hope to have most of the reusable Super Bowl items cleaned up by Friday.

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