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Mark Owens: A "Smart" Move? (That's Just Too Easy)

Another quiet night at home clearing out some shows on the DVR and much like Sunday, my phone starts lighting up, however this time, I was ahead of the news. Kirby Smart will be the new head coach at Georgia. (Do I need to put allegedly, or 99% confirmed on this? Because, it's all but finalized, but its not officially, official yet. For arguments sake, let's just assume it's for real.)

So here's what we know; some of these are speculations, some of these are Tweets from various sources and some are just my opinions.

  • The deal can't be 100% done till after the SEC Championship Game Saturday. Call it a legal or loyalty thing. 
  • Rumor is, news broke about Kirby Tuesday night to help retain some of the recruits that are getting cold feet about UGA. Now they have a better grasp of what's going on in Athens.
  • Speaking of, according to Dawg Nation, Jacob Eason's H.S. Coach Tom Tri is quoted as saying that once UGA commits to a coach and meets with Eason, everything will be fine. So, I guess that Florida trip was like flirting around for a backup prom date, just in case your first choice can't get off work that night.

Some Facts About Kirby (per the AJC, the Internet and texts to those smarter than me):

  • Dude is smart. He was a 4x member of the SEC Academic Honor Roll, has an Undergraduate Degree in Finance from UGA and Masters from FSU. A "source" told me that he was without question, the smartest guy in his fraternity (ok, that "source" was just a buddy who knows a guy, who was Kirbys frat brother). 
  • As a Defensive Back at UGA, Kirby had 13 interceptions in 4 seasons.
  • He's coached under Nick Saban, Mark Richt and Bobby Bowden. He's won the AFCA Asst. Coach of the year Award and is a 2009 Broyles Award Winner.
  • His wife Mary Beth played basketball at UGA and they have 3 kids, so he's a family man. That's good, right?

I asked DJ Shockley and David Greene their immediate reactions to Kirby Smart via text:

  • Shock: Love his energy and coaching intensity. Really smart dude. 
  • Greenie: Like the move a lot. Still need to confirm our OC. (I'm assuming Shotty is out, or will be?)

So this leads to the coaching staff question. When the Kirby deal is finalized (remember, this isn't 100% yet), who will be hired or fired? Are the rumors of Will Muschamp coming to Athens true? If so, can we insist he limits the sideline tantrums? Is Pruitt going to S.Carolina? Will Schottenheimer stick around? Will Richt be the next Governor of Georgia? Will I ever get used to calling our head coach, Kirby?

This has been one helluva week for Dawg Nation. Only 276 days till the first game of the Kirby Smart Era!

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Go Dawgs... I need a drink.


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