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Skyrocketing Gas Prices Taking A Bite Out of Metro Drivers' Wallets

ATLANTA, Ga. (CW69 News at 10) -- Metro Atlanta truck drivers are finding ways to handle the skyrocketing gas prices. CW69's Valencia Jones spoke with a husband and wife trucking duo who shared how they're keeping their freight delivery business afloat despite the high costs. An Uber driver also weighed in on the rising gas costs.

Conectrice Sims decided to join her husband Quentin by joining the trucking industry. "I wanted to cross out the middle man and save us money, so I became a freight broker," she said.

They launched their company, CMQ Global Logistics, in January 2020, right before the pandemic, delivering freight like household and dry goods. "We had strong intentions that this company was going to succeed, and by the grace of God, it succeeded," said Sims.

During the Zoom interview on Tuesday, they were about to head to Florida for a delivery, and they explained how, like other businesses, they're facing yet another bump in the road: skyrocketing gas prices brought on by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. "The gas prices are extremely high, and it's still rising," Sims said.

She says, before now, it took over $500 to fill their truck up. Now it costs about $650. Economists say prices could continue going up after President Joe Biden announced a ban on Russian oil.

Local uber drivers like Byern Opdemberg from Germany, are feeling the pinch and buying hal'f a tank of gas at a time. He says gas prices could be worse. "It's cheaper here than in Germany," he said.

An interactive AAA map showed Tuesday's national average for regular gas was about $4.17.

In Georgia, it was $4.06, and in Fulton County, it was the same as the national average.

Sims says they're finding ways to navigate around the high costs and shared advise for other truckers. "Do your research. See which states that you're driving through has low and cheap gas," she said.

According to AAA, last week, the average gas cost in Metro Atlanta was $3.50, and one month ago, it was $3.27. One year ago, it was just $2.59.

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