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SEC Commissioner Slive Losing Patience With NCAA

HOOVER, Ala. -- Commissioner Mike Slive enjoys making his yearly remarks to open the SEC's football media days.

It is an opportunity for him to take a few minutes to brag about the conference. And with seven consecutive BCS championships in football and a slew of national titles in other sports, Slive has reason to be proud.

But Slive also uses this annual opportunity to push for the things are important to him. And on Tuesday, with more than 1,000 media members present, the 73-year-old former judge threw down a subtle, but effective, gauntlet in front to the National College Athletic Association.

His message to the NCAA? It's time for you to lead and bring about the change that is needed in college athletics. If not, it's probably time for the conferences to step in and make the changes on their own.

At these meetings two years ago Slive called for a number of changes, particularly an adjustment in the value of an athletic scholarship to cover the full cost of attendance. That is a dollar figure established for each school that goes beyond the scholarship -- which includes room, books, board, and tuition -- to provide a stipend that covers the inevitable incidental expenses all college students incur.

Like most good ideas that go into the maddening abyss that is the...

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