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Scientists Discover Two Dwarf Giraffes In Africa

Conservation Scientists have discovered two dwarf giraffes in Africa. The two giraffes, named Gimil and Nigel, were spotted in Uganda and Namibia by Conservation Scientists working with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. Gimil, a nubian giraffe, was first observed in 2015 at Uganda's Murchison Falls National Park. Researchers noticed the male had disproportionate limb dimensions. The team returned to the park over the next few years to take photos and measurements as he grew, Gimil was last observed in July 200, when the last images and measurements were taken. Nigel, an Angolan giraffe, was living on a private farm in Namibia and was also monitored over the course of a few years. The team found that the smaller girafffes had shorter legs than their counterparts, the pair also exhibited shortened fore-limbs to varied degrees and had different neck lenght. Due to the giraffes living past the age of one year, the team are confident the condition should not impact their survival rate.

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