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Ronald Reagan's Theory: The Return Of The Welfare Queen

On Powertalk with Lorraine Jacques-White, we talked about all of the distasteful language  used by the candidates in the Republican Party towards African-Americans.   Our special guest was John Blake a CNN Contributor, and the author of the article "The Return of the Welfare Queen".  He was able to explain the connection of the language use of GOP candidates today, and how it relates to Ronald Reagan's "WELFARE QUEEN" theory during his presidential tenure.

We addressed the issues of Obama being called "The Best Food Stamp President",  and other comments made by the GOP candidates.   John Blake informed us that this type of language is merely a repeat of the past, and in many ways identical to the terminology used in the Ronald Reagan era.

According to Ronald Reagan, the Welfare Queen was a woman who abused the system by receiving welfare, food stamps, and other governmental resources while using multiple social security numbers.

Take a listen as Lorraine Jacques-White discovers the true meaning of the Welfare Queen, and why republicans have a hard time addressing the needs of poor black people.

Welfare Queen Part 1:



Welfare Queen Part 2:



Welfare Queen Part 3:



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