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10-Minute Tailgate Tour Episode 008: Rising Up Will Cost Ya

Mark is back with another 10-Minute Tailgate Tour covering college football and this week, the NFL.

We kicked the podcast off talking about way-to-early 2017 college football predictions. Both Forbes and SB Nation think Alabama will be back in the college football playoffs in 2017, but the other three are interesting takes. We talked about where UGA could play in the 2017 bowl season. It's fun to predict December games in January. South Carolina is also in the news with a text sent to the players that have some fired up, but others rolling their eyes.

To the NFL and its championship week! If you want to go to the Dome Sunday, it will cost you a small fortune, but is it worth it? Also, ratings are in and one game scored the best ever for a non-Super-Bowl event.

Finally, why is Atlanta not getting respect? Should the Falcons be ignored this weekend?

Click below for that plus more with Episode 008 of the 10-Minute Tailgate Tour:


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