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Preview This! "The Lego Movie"

Opening this week at a theater near you:

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"The Lego Movie" (2014)

For Emmet (Chris Pratt), every day is awesome. He enjoys his life working in construction until he meets a girl named Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks). She is convinced that he is the "Special," the greatest Master Builder who can save the Lego universe from the evil President Business (Will Ferrell). Now with the help of Batman(Will Arnett), Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), Metalbeard (Nick Offerman) and Uni-Kitty (Alison Brie), Emmett must find the courage to fight President Business from using his secret weapon.

What to Watch For: The team behind "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs," Phil Lord and Chris Miller are directing this animated film.

Word on the Street: Apparently there is an appearance in the film by a big Hollywood star.

My Take: I think this will be a big hit helped by "word of mouth."

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"The Monuments Men" (2014)

An unlikely group of World War II soldiers is put together to create a platoon whose job it is to rescue stolen art masterpieces from the Nazi's before they destroy them. "The Monument Men" Website

What to Watch For: The movie is directed by George Clooney, who also stars in the film along with Cate Blanchett, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman, and Jean Dujardin.

Word on the Street: Bill Murray is said to steal the movie from Clooney and Damon.

My Take: This is based on a true story. I am interested to see what Clooney, who also co-wrote the script does with this film.

Photo courtesy of The Weinstein Company

"Vampire Academy"(2014)

Rose (Zoey Deutch) is a 17-year-old Dhampir, a half human/half vampire guardian in training. Her best friend is Lissa (Lucy Fry), a Moroi, a full human vampire, who is in line for the Moroi throne. Rose's job, while still training at their boarding school, is to keep Lissa safe from the Strigoi, a race of bloodthirsty undead vampires whose sole mission is to wipe out the Moroi. "Vampire Academy" Website

What to Watch For: The film is based on the bestselling Young Adult novels by Richelle Mead.

Word on the Street: The distributor of the film, The Weinstein Company, is very high on the film and feels it can be the next breakout franchise.

My Take: This is one of my favorite book series and I am really looking forward to this film.

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"Gloria" (2013)

Gloria (Paulina Garcia) is a 58 year old divorcee who is determined not to spend her nights alone. She hits the single scene, but it seems as though she can't find love. That is until she met Rodolfo (Sergio Hernandez), an ex-naval officer that sweeps her off her feet. The question is will this new romance last? "Gloria" Website

What to Watch For: The film has won a number of awards on the Film Festival circuit, including several wins at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Word on the Street: Many film critics thought that Paulina Garcia might get an Academy Award nomination for her performance in this film.

My Take: I have been wanting to see this film since it was voted by IndieWire's critics poll as the best film screened at the Berlin Film Festival.

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"Poetic Justice" (1993)   Justice (Janet Jackson) witnessed the murder of her boyfriend. She decides to skip college and become a hairdresser. She reluctantly accepts a ride from Lucky (Tupac Shakur), a man who she just doesn't get along with. As the ride goes along, they discover that they have more in common with each other than they thought.

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