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Preview This! Smurfs 2

Opening this week at a theatre near you:

"Smurfs 2" (2013)

Smurfs 2
Source: Columbia Pictures

The gang in blue is back! Gargamel (Hank Azaria) has created a group of anti-Smurfs called the "Naughties." With the help of the Naughties, Gargamel kidnaps Smurfette (Katy Perry). Can the Smurfs and their human friend Patrick (Neil Patrick Harris) rescue Smurfette before she succumbs to the evil ways of Gargamel? Smurfs 2 Website Main image courtesy of Columbia Pictures

What to Watch For: As with the first film, the Smurfs are voiced by an All-Star cast that includes Christina Ricci and J.B. Smoove as the two main Naughties, George Lopez, John Oliver, Jeff Foxworthy, Alan Cumming as Smurfs, and the late, great Jonathan Winters as Papa Smurf.

Word on the Street: The soundtrack for the film is filled with top recording artists, including Britney Spears, Owl City, Nelly Furtado and a new take on an old hit called, "I'm Too Smurfy" from Right Said Fred.

My Take: This film is worth seeing if only for the fact that this is Jonathan Winters' final film.

"Two Guns" (2013)

2 Guns
Source: Universal Pictures

Bobby (Denzel Washington) is an undercover DEA agent infiltrating a drug cartel. He encounters Marcus (Mark Wahlberg), whom he thinks is stealing money from the cartel. It turns out Marcus is also an undercover officer who works for the NCIS. When both men realize they have been set up by the CIA to take the fall for stealing the money, they must team up to survive. 2 Guns Website

What to Watch For: This a re-teaming of director Baltasar Kormakur and Wahlberg, who made last year's breakout hit "Contraband" (2012).

Word on the Street: While full of action scenes, this film also promises quite a bit of comedy.

My Take: It's going to be interesting to see if this film works as well as the comic book series by Steven Grant.

If you can't go to the theatre this weekend, stay at home and watch movies on CW69.


1:00 pm

"Nowhere to Run" (1993) Sam (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is a convicted bank robber who escapes from the authorities. On the run, Sam takes refuge on a small, isolated farm managed by Clydie (Rosanna Arquette), a widowed mother of two. Sam discovers that Clydie is being pressured to sell her farm to a developer (Joss Ackland). When she resists, the developer, with the aid of a corrupt Sheriff (Edward Blatchford), decides to use any means necessary; leaving Sam now to risk his freedom to come to Clydie's aid.

3:00 pm

"Dungeons & Dragons" (2000) The land of Izmer is ruled by one who controls the magic. Empress Savina (Thora Birch) is attempting to rule Izmer justly to bring justice and prosperity to its people. But the evil Profion (Jeremy Irons) is out to steal the kingdom and rule with an iron fist. Now the balance of power could come from a pair of thieves (Justin Whalin and Marlon Wayans) who are out to steal a powerful scepter.


3:00 pm

"X-2: X-Men United" (2003): The X-Men must deal with a mutant assassination attempt on the President and the backlash against mutants that it causes. Plus, there are plans to bring down Professor X and his school. The X-Men will be challenged like never before and their survival will depend on whether or not they can band together.

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