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Coming this week to a theatre near you:

Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures

"Pixels" (2015)

Aliens have come to wreak havoc on Earth.  It seems they have misinterpreted video feeds of classic arcade games.  Now it's up to a gang of video gamers to save the Earth from a weapons attack in the form of video games. "Pixels" Facebook Page

What to Watch For:  This is the ninth pairing of Kevin James and Adam Sandler in either a TV show or film.

Word on the Street:  Critics who have seen the film say Peter Dinklage steals the show. Dinklage's charter, Eddie Plant, is based on a real-life guy, World Record holder on "Donkey Kong," Billy Mitchell, made famous in the 2007 film "The King of Donkey Kong".

My Take: I always remember Josh Gad's character in "The Wedding Singer" saying that Pacman was his favorite superhero. In this film, his character has to fight Pacman.

Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox

"Paper Towns"  (2015)

Quentin (Nat Wolf) is taken on an all-night adventure by his friend and neighbor Margo (Cara Delevingne).  Soon after Margo goes missing, Quentin and his friends decide to go on an adventure of a lifetime to search for Margo. "Paper Towns" Website

What to Watch For:  The film is based on the bestselling novel by author John Green.

Word on the Street: A portion of the film had to be rewritten when the documentary, "Blackfish," came out. Originally, Quentin and Margo break into SeaWorld after hours. The producers felt that it was too soon after the documentary to revisit SeaWorld.

My Take:   The film is directed by Jake Schreiert, who directed one of my favorite films of 2012, "Robot & Frank" (2012).

Photo courtesy of The Weinstein Company

"Southpaw"  (2015)

Billy Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal) was once a fighter who had everything:  fame, fortune and a loving family.  Then, one mistake took everything away. Hitting rock bottom, Billy decides to try a comeback with the help of a tough trainer named Titus "Tick" Willis (Forest Whitaker). "Southpaw" Facebook Page

What to Watch For: Gyllenhaal took over the role from Eminem, who decided to drop out of the project to focus on his music.

Word on the Street:  Eminem is the executive producer of the soundtrack and will release a single from the film titled, "Phenomenal."

My Take:  I always enjoy movies that feature boxing, as it's one of my favorite sports to watch.

Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

"Tangerine"  (2015)

Transgender prostitute Sin-Dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) has just gotten out of prison.  She is shocked to find out that her boyfriend and pimp, Chester (James Ransone), has left her for another woman. Sin-Dee is on a mission to find the cheating couple with the help of her best friend Alexandra (Mya Taylor). "Tangerine" Website

What to Watch For:  Many critics feel that Mia Taylor could be the first transgender actor to be nominated for an Academy Award.

Word on the Street: Remarkably, the film was shot solely on three iPhones.

My Take:  I have wanted to see this film for a while, ever since it played at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

Photo courtesy of The Film Arcade

"Unexpected"  (2015)

An inner-city high school teacher (Cobie Smulders) finds out she is unexpectedly pregnant. At the same time, a student of hers, Jasmine (Gail Bean), discovers that she is also pregnant. The two soon become friends over this unplanned shared experience. "Unexpected" Facebook Page

What to Watch For:  Besides appearing in the Marvel film franchise, Smulders is getting great reviews in a series of independent films.

Word on the Street:  Kris Swanberg, the director of the film, got a nomination for best directing at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

My Take:  I'll go see anything with Cobie Smulders.


If you can't go to the theater this weekend, then stay at home and watch film on Atlanta's CW:


1:00 pm

"Chances Are" (1989)  Louie Jeffries (Robert Downey Jr.) has it all:  a great wife, Corinne (Cybil Shepherd), and soon a new daughter. Louie is killed in a car crash, leaving his family behind. 20 years later, Alex Finch (Robert Downey Jr.) is dating the love of his life, Miranda (Mary Stuart Masterson) when he starts having memories of a past life, one with Miranda's mother, Corinne.

3:00 pm

"Big Momma's House 2" (2009)  Big Momma (Martin Lawrence) is back, and this time she is going undercover as a nanny for a crime boss.



1:00 pm

"Big Momma's House 2"  (2009)  Big Momma (Martin Lawrence) is back, and this time she is going undercover as a nanny for a crime boss.

3:00 pm

"Loverboy"   (1989)  Randy (Patrick Dempsey) has come back home for the summer after a disappointing year at college.  To make some money for the next term, Randy starts working as a pizza delivery boy for the Senor Pizza shop.  He learns there are a lot of lonely, older woman on his route, and soon the term, "With extra anchovies" means that the woman on his route want much more than a just a pizza.

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