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Hit and Run (2012)

Hit and Run
Source: Open Road Pictures

Dax Shepard plays Charlie Bronson whose girlfriend (Kristen Bell) has a job interview in Los Angeles. Charlie offers to drive her to the interview but there's one problem - Charlie is in the Witness Protection Program and there are some bad guys in LA who want to kill him. Now they are going to have to dodge the Feds, the bad guys and Annie's ex on their way to the interview. Hit and Run website

What to Watch For: This film has a great cast that makes it fun to watch, with Tom Arnold as Charlie's Federal Marshall, Bradley Cooper as the man who wants to kill Charlie and Kristin Chenoweth as the pill popping college administrator who gets Annie the job interview.

Word on the Street: There is great chemistry between the real life couple of Sheppard and Bell in this picture.

My Take: The film has fantastic dialogue that is as fast as the car chases and it looks as though Dax Sheppard did lot of his own stunt driving.

Premium Rush (2012)

Premium Rush
Source: Sony Pictures

Bike messenger Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is used to dodging the NYC traffic. After picking up a package for delivery, someone else wants that package bad enough and is willing to kill Wilee to get it. Now Wilee isn't just riding a bike for a job, he's riding for his life. Premium Rush website

What to Watch For: Gordon-Levitt quit acting for a few years to attend Columbia University. Interesting fact: Columbia University is where Wilee picks up the package.

Word on the Street: Gordon-Levitt had to do quite a bit of his own stunt work on this film and now he has 31 stitches on his arm to prove it, after he crashed his bike into a cab.

My Take: Hot off his appearances in 2010's Inception and this summer's blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises, Gordon-Levitt has proven he can handle an action picture.

Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012)

Celeste (Rashida Jones) and Jesse (Andy Samberg) are one of those couples who love to hang out together, have special catch phrases and can finish off each other sentences. There's only one problem, though. The cutesy couple is getting a divorce and neither one realizes that they must move on. Celeste and Jesse Forever website

What to Watch For: The script was co-written by lead actress Jones and Will McCormack; who plays Skillz, one of the couple's best friends.

Word on the Street: This relationship comedy had its premiere this summer at the LA Film Festival and was well received.

My Take: Look for this to be the breakout role for the Parks and Recreation star, Rashida Jones, who is the daughter of composer Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton.

The Apparition (2012)

Source: Warner Bros.

During an experiment at their college, a couple (Ashley Greene & Sebastian Stan) accidentally conjures up a paranormal apparition. Now it has followed them home and is feeding on their fear. Will they be able to survive what they brought to life? The Apparition website

What to Watch For: Lead actress, Ashley Greene is no stranger to the silver screen. As fans of the Twilight Series can attest, Green has played Alice Cullen in all five of the films, including the soon to be released Breaking Dawn, Part 2.

Word on the Street: Tom Felton was Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films.;  He plays a paranormal expert who is the last hope to defeat the apparition.

My Take: This is writer/director Todd Lincoln's first feature length film.

2 Days in New York (2012)

Marion (Julie Delpy) and Mingus (Chris Rock) are living together in an apartment in New York and each have children from former relationships. Their world is turned upside down when Marion's father (Albert Delpy), sister (Alexia Landeau) and her boyfriend, Manu (Alex Nahon), come from France for an extended visit. Trouble is stirred, as Manu was once Marion's boyfriend, only compounds Marion and Mingus' relationship, as it will be tested as never before. 2 Days in New York website

What to Watch For: This is a sequel to the 2007 Delpy film, 2 Days in Paris.

Word on the Street: Chris Rock gives a funny but restrained performance as a National radio show host who tries to deal with his girlfriend's crazy French family.

My Take: This is lead actress/writer/director Delpy's fifth feature length film that she directed and that experience truly shows on-screen in this film.

Cosmopolis (2012)

Source: Alfama Films

A 28 year old billionaire (Robert Pattinson) sets out in his stretch limousine across New York City to get a haircut. By the time he arrives at the barbershop, he encounters a number of people and one who is trying to kill him. Cosmopolis website

What to Watch For: The film is written and directed by David Cronenberg who is known for his unique style of filmmaking as exhibited in his past films, Crash (1996), A History of Violence (2005) and last year's A Dangerous Method.

Word on the Street: Will the Twilight crowd come out for Pattinson's very different appearance in this film?

My Take: Most of the film takes place inside the limousine, with Pattinson sitting on a throne-like seat, very reminiscent of the captain's chair in Star Trek.

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Cadillac Records (2008) The tale of the founding of one of the legendary record labels in the 1950's. Oscar winner Adrien Brody is Chess, an unknown entrepreneur who creates a record label with some of the hottest acts in the business. His life is changed when he meets singer, Etta James (Beyonce). The film has an interesting cast including Mos Def as Chuck Berry, Jeffrey Wright as Muddy Waters and Cedric the Entertainer as Willie Dixon.

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