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Preview This! Apollo 18

Opening this week at a theatre near you:

Apollo 18 

Apollo 18 PosterThe official word from NASA is there were only 17 Apollo missions.  Discovered footage, though, is now revealing an 18th mission to the moon… a mission that gave us the reason why we never returned. Apollo 18 website

What to Watch For: The movie is being labeled The Blair Witch of space movies. Will audiences go for a "shaky cam" in space?

Word on the Street: The studio has done a good job getting the word out for this movie with a viral campaign that has plenty of intrigue and "official documents."

Shark Night 3D: 

Shark Night posterA trip to a Louisiana lake-house turns deadly when the impossible happens - sharks start attacking. Shark Night 3D website

What to Watch For: Teens are the target audience, and the studio is betting they'll want to spend their 3-day holiday weekend watching sharks digest other teenagers…in 3D.

Word on the Street: The cast is made up of unknowns other than Sara Paxton, who is mostly known for her title role in the movie, Aquamarine

The Debt:  

The Debt PosterIn 1966, three Israeli agents track down a Nazi war criminal in East Berlin. Their mission was successful, but at a price – a price that is revealed and haunts the agents thirty years later. The Debt website

What to Watch For: The movie stars Helen Mirren (Red, The Queen) and Jessica Chastain (The Help, Tree of Life). It's an espionage thriller that should appeal to adults, so we'll be looking for something other than horror stories and 3-D blood baths.

Word on the Street: The film was directed by John Madden, who has directed three actors in Academy Award nominated roles. Can a nomination for Mirren or Chastain be forthcoming?

If you can't make it to a theatre, then stay at home and watch movies on CW69 this weekend.


2:00 am 

Maximum Risk (1996) Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Alain Moreau, a French cop who discovers that he has a twin who has been murdered by the mob. Jean-Claude takes his brother's identity to solve his murder and gets involved in a tangled web of gangsters, drug dealers and a girlfriend (Natasha Henstridge) who may give him up to save herself.


1:00 pm

Separate Lives (1995) Linda Hamilton plays a professor of psychology who fears the trauma of seeing her mother murdered is causing her to develop a split personality. She enlists the help of a former cop (played by James Belushi) to help her discover the truth.  But, before they can get answers, people start dying.

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