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Preview This! 21 Jump Street

Opening this week at a theatre near you:

21 Jump Street (2012)

Source: Sony Pictures

In this comedy based on the 80's TV show, of the same name, Jonah Hill plays the nerd of his high school, and Channing Tatum plays the big man on campus, who gets all the girls with his looks and attitude. Seven years later, the two decide to help each other out in order to graduate from the Police Academy. After graduation, they join the 21 Jump Street program and go undercover in high school to stop a drug gang. But, high school, including the prom, just might get in the way of their bust. 21 Jump Street website

What to Watch For: While Tatum is the co-star, this is Jonah Hill's film (he co-wrote the story) and his sense of humor is very evident on-screen.

Word on the Street: Expect some cameos in the film, possibly from the old 80's TV show.

Jeff, Who Lives at Home (2012)

jeff who lives at home
Source: Paramount Pictures

Jeff (played by Jason Segel), who has no job and is still living at home, is sent on an errand by his mother (Susan Sarandon). Jeff ends up spending the day with his more successful brother, Pat (played by Ed Helms) as they follow Pat's wife (Judy Greer), who he thinks is cheating. Jeff, Who Lives at Home website

What to Watch For: Fresh off his Oscar winning film, The Muppets, Segel is poised to be a breakout comedy star.

Word on the Street: Helms and Segel are said to have worked well together, as several scenes in the film have a somewhat improvised feel to them.

Seeking Justice (2012)

Seeking Justice
Source: Anchor Bay Entertainment

Nicolas Cage plays a husband whose wife (played by January Jones) is in the hospital after she was brutally raped. The husband is approached by a man (Guy Pearce) who says he belongs to a group that can extract revenge on the rapist. All they need is his agreement to do a favor for them someday. That favor, though, may cost the husband his life. Seeking Justice website

What to Watch For: Nicolas Cage needs a hit, especially after his last film, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, tanked at the box office.

Word on the Street: Original title of this film was The Hungry Rabbit Jumps, so I think Seeking Justice is a much better title.


Source: The Weinstien Company

This Oscar-winning documentary is about a high school football team that attempts to have a winning season after years of losing. The turnaround is brought on by a man named Bill Courtney, a former football coach turned lumber salesman, who volunteers to help out.

What to Watch For: Sean Combs is one of the Executive Producers of the film. Undefeated website

Word on the Street: Undefeated is at an impressive 95% on

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Dancing at Lughnasa (1998) A young boy grows up in 1930's Ireland, raised by his unmarried mother and her four spinster sisters. Meryl Streep gives another incredible performance as Kate "Kit" Mundy.

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