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Preventing Thanksgiving Gatherings From Attracting Unwanted Pests

Normal Thanksgiving activities such as cooking, baking, and large gatherings not only provide a welcoming environment for guests, but also for pests.

Haley Barton Meyer from Atlanta-based Trevelino/Keller has some suggestions that viewers should take into account ahead of the holiday to make the time a happy and pest-free environment for family and friends.

  • Clean up any spills immediately and store holiday goodies in airtight containers.
  • Before baking, inspect all food -- especially dry goods -- for potential infestations and check their expiration dates.
  • When grocery shopping, inspect goods carefully and only purchase goods packed in sealed containers.
  • If a pantry infestation is suspected, discard all contaminated foods and any other open dry goods in outdoor trash bins and clean the infested area thoroughly with a vacuum and soap and water.
  • Inspect and shake Christmas trees, wreaths, and other live greenery thoroughly before bringing them into the house.
  • Store all holiday decorations in plastic, airtight containers when retrieving from the attic or basement, and inspect them outdoors before bringing them inside.
  • Seal all holes and cracks along the foundation and any openings around exterior doors and windows and place screens over vents and chimneys to prevent rodents and insects from finding their way inside.
  • Vacuum and sweep often around the home.
  • While a roaring fire is certainly welcoming for guests, that stack of firewood is also the perfect nesting spot for many pests including spiders, cockroaches, termites, and rodents; plus the wood provides easy transportation into the home. Take extra care to inspect the wood before bringing it into the house.
  • Store firewood off the ground and at least 20 feet away from the home and inspect each piece before bringing them into the home.
  • In the event mice are detected, a pest professional should be contacted immediately.

Those suggestions are some that if taken into account, will keep pests at bay, and prevent them from making their way into your home during the holiday period and winter months.

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