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Posted Video Of Sting Singing His 1985 Song 'Russians' Amid War In Ukraine

(CNN) -- Sting says his 1985 song "Russians" is more relevant than ever due to the war in Ukraine.

The Grammy winner posted a video on Instagram of himself singing the song.

In the caption he wrote, "I've only rarely sung this song in the many years since it was written, because I never thought it would be relevant again. But, in the light of one man's bloody and woefully misguided decision to invade a peaceful, unthreatening neighbor, the song is, once again, a plea for our common humanity. For the brave Ukrainians fighting against this brutal tyranny and also the many Russians who are protesting this outrage despite the threat of arrest and imprisonment - We, all of us, love our children. Stop the war."

"Russians" is off Sting's debut solo album "The Dream of the Blue Turtles" and is about the Cold War. In it Sting sings, "There is no monopoly on common sense/On either side of the political fence/We share the same biology, regardless of ideology/Believe me when I say to you/I hope the Russians love their children too."

He went on to post the address of a place where people can send supplies to those affected by the war.

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