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[POLL] 'Supernatural: Bloodlines' Backdoor Pilot: Did you like it?

The twentieth episode of "Supernatural" aired tonight, and it wasn't an ordinary Winchester hour. The episode served as a backdoor pilot to what could be a potential spin-off series on The CW. The show focuses on Ennis, a very new hunter who learns that Chicago is controlled by monster families with a mafia-like feud in place.

Unlike "Supernatural" -- there is a bit of a Romeo & Juliet type of romance flourishing early on. "Supernatural" has been known to be very "light" in the romance department, instead focusing on brother relationships. Did you like a little bit more romance inside the supernatural world? Or did you wish the show went another route?

And now that the episode has aired, are you eager for more?

Vote in the poll below!


-- Becca Ritchie



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