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PHOTO: Alabama Recruiting Pitch Is All About The NFL Benjamins

On one end of the recruiting spectrum, you have a coach and a program like James Franklin and Vanderbilt. The Commodores bang the drum -- and bang it repeatedly -- that the overwhelming majority of even SEC-caliber players never see a dime of NFL money, and that a quality education should be, has to be, the primary factor in choosing a college football program.

And on the other end of that spectrum, you have Alabama . If the NCAA wants to tell you that most of its athletes go pro in something other than sports, the Crimson Tide wants to tell its recruits that, well, they won't have to. Via ABC 33/40, a mailer Nick Saban and Co. are sending to recruits (SEEN HERE).

It might be interesting to hear what Mark Emmert would think of such a pitch, given the NCAA's vehement insisting that even its cream-of-the-crop football and basketball players are students first and athletes second, that even at Alabama only a...

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