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Phantom of the Opera

I am shaking as I type this post. I decided to see The Phantom of the Opera at the Fox Theatre on Friday night. I sat in my seat and noticed a chandelier wrapped above me. As the production began, my heart began to race. When the chandelier raised into the air and that famous orchestration started to play, I clutched my imaginary pearls.

If you are contemplating going to the Phantom of the Opera, release the doubt and go see it. It would be an injustice to miss this production. It was my first time seeing the musical on stage. I've only been used to Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum. WHAT. I have been missing out on everything!  Cameron Mackintosh is a brilliant angel. He is my angel of music and everything that is holy.  The Phantom (Cooper Grodin) and Christine (Julia Udine) blew me away. Every time either one of them sang, I cried involuntarily. My eyes just said, "Bro, this is too beautiful. We're just going to go ahead and fill up these tear ducts." I just cannot describe the beauty of the human voice. I cannot describe to you the power this cast in their delivery and performance. The only way I can describe it is--magnificent. I have never wanted to see a musical again immediately. I wanted it to continue into the night. I wanted my angel of music to come down and take me through a mirror. (Sidenote: I tried this at home, I did not walk through the mirror. There is now a permanent smudge from my forehead.)

Let's talk about the scenic design of this production. I am a huge fan of this time period and the gaudiness that comes with it. Each set piece wouldn't dare to be half-done. You want beautiful, immaculate statues? You've got it (several, in fact). You want a cylindrical, rotating set with magical steps? No problem. You want snow?! Heck yes, WE CAN DO IT. There are no words. I lost my mind while watching this production, and I am so glad that I did. I wanted to get lost. I wanted to be including in this story. This was accented by the breaking of the fourth wall, which is my ALL-TIME favorite thing when it is done properly. No doubt about this being done properly. I was in the story. I was in the opera house.

Take it from me, see this musical. Do not doubt. Do not worry about the price of tickets. It is worth it. If you don't like it, I'll refund your ticket then slap you (tenderly) on the cheek, because you're crazy if you don't like this.

The show will be here until November 2nd, so you've got plenty of time to see it. Go see it, then tell me how you like it!

For more information and tickets to the show, click here!


--Wendell Scott

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