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Opinion: Susan Rice Thrown Under Democrat's Bus And Tied Down

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As President Barack Obama, the White House, the Democratic Party politicians and the nation’s “leftists” allege that the Republicans – led by the Senators in Congress – are picking on the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, it is becoming more and more clear that it was not only those liberal-leaning politicians who threw her under the bus, but they are also the ones who are keeping her under the bus.

Though Rice has been the perfect and dutiful “fall gal” for the Benghazi, Libya tale of an anti-Islamic film being the reason for the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack which killed four Americans including the United States Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stephens, her reward of being named Hillary Clinton’s replacement as United States Secretary of State seems to be vanishing more and more each day.

Her meetings with the Republican senators this week didn’t help her status at all. While the “left” continue to say the Republicans are picking on her, it’s becoming apparent that she is saying nothing that makes any unbiased person believe she had good reason to tell the “wrong story” about Benghazi on five television shows five days after the Benghazi terrorist attack.

Then, the latest travesty in the Susan Rice saga is the public information regarding her finances. It is now revealed that she is a multi-millionaire – to put it extremely mildly. The Democratic Party which has nothing kind to say about the nation’s wealthy and rode a year-long political campaign for president by disrespecting anyone of wealth in this country has another top achiever in its Party who is found to be grossly wealthy. The story that came out this week reveals that Rice owns anywhere from $300,002 to $600,000 in shares of stock in TransCanada – a company which, by the way, is trying to get approval to build the politically controversial Keystone XL pipeline. Beyond that, sources say that one-third of her extreme wealth is in foreign – not domestic – stocks.

As analysts and pundits trace the sources of her now-public controversial finances, it is reported that it is the political “left” that is revealing this latest information. Basically, it’s the “left” that is keeping Rice under the bus she was thrown under in September as it moves forwards and backwards, forwards and backwards, forwards and backwards, dirtying her public reputation and hopes of an advancement in Washington, D.C. The assumptions are several, all of which are not good for Susan Rice. She is assumed to have been continuously kept in the Benghazi, Libya headlines in an effort to keep President Barack Obama, the White House, and others out of the headlines. How long this effort to keep the spotlight on Rice instead of higher-ups succeeds is anybody’s guess. There is little chance, of course, that it will continue for four years throughout Obama’s entire second term.

As the negative stories pile on against Susan Rice and the sources of the information continue to lead back to her own political party, it is just a matter of time before Obama steps before the American people and offers a replacement other than Susan Rice for Secretary of State. After all, there is no hope that she will be confirmed by Congress with all these negative impressions trailing her.

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Scott Paulson writes political commentary for and teaches English at a community college in the Chicago area. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of CBS Local.


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