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Opinion: Democrats Pick Another Losing Issue Focusing On Binders

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Less than three weeks before the election, quite oddly, the top issue for President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and the Democrats is the binders. The more the “left” talk binders, the faster their poll numbers fall. With the horrendous economy, 7.8% unemployment rate which is now found to not have included the data from California last month because the failed-state didn’t turn in their data on time, and Americans smoldering throughout the Middle East, Obama and Biden want to talk binders.


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First of all, it is now obvious that GOP presidential challenger Mitt Romney mentioned the binders during Tuesday’s second presidential debate as binders full of resumes of potential female Massachusetts cabinet members and other governmental employees of the state. The Massachusetts Government Appointments Project is an organization that offered Romney the binders in hopes that he would select women from the binders of resumes to fill governmental posts. And he did. He utilized them to put more females in Massachusetts government. He put women in 14 of the first 33 positions he filled. Unwilling to allow this positive be the positive it is for Romney, Mass GAP, as the organization is referred to, is saying that the jobs weren’t the best jobs. Yet, the point is obviously that Romney gave them jobs that have a purpose, a paycheck, and an opportunity for advancement. That’s what the pro-female organization wanted at the time, and that’s what they got via Governor Romney on a silver platter.

It wasn’t a negative. It was an extreme positive for women.

Why Obama, Biden, and the “left” are drawing more attention to this positive issue involving Romney is baffling. Three weeks before the election, is the left’s attempt at turning this obvious positive into a failed negative for Romney all they’ve got? Apparently so, and that’s why Obama’s numbers continue to plummet days after the second debate.

As per usual, when Obama attacks, Romney and the political “right” bring out the data. This time, the data clearly shows that President Obama has not done a great deal for women. He passed some legislation that apparently allowed women to sue employers, according to ABC’s Mark Levin. Yet less than 100 women took advantage of the law because it was found that women aren’t really being paid a whole lot less than men when the playing field is level.

Women who were complaining that they weren’t getting paid as much as their male counterpart almost always worked for different companies, in different positions, for a different number of hours, with a different degree or education. While Obama has quoted some statistics which erroneously claim women get paid 70-some percent of what men get paid which only has caused unjust gender warfare, the facts show that women make 95% of what their male counterpart makes.

Is Obama trying to cause a war on women that isn’t there? Apparently. Are women falling for the incorrect data? Less and less, apparently.

It’s great that Obama made the binders the headlines since last Tuesday night’s debate because the truth about Mitt Romney’s record on hiring women and the truth about Obama’s alleged war on women is finally coming out – and helping Romney in the polls.

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Scott Paulson writes political commentary for and teaches English at a community college in the Chicago area. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of CBS Local.


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