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Missing Limbs Not Stopping Kids From Participating In Sports, Learning Life Skills

by Keith Russell | CBS 11

MESQUITE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - A chance to learn football….soccer… and tumbling skills….something many children can embrace.

Now, imagine doing it while missing at least one limb and what that proves.

Charlotte Lindsey, 6, who is missing part of her leg, says that "they can do anything".

And the reinforcement comes from Nubability.

It's a national organization that holds sports camps in 14 states. Teaming with Mesquite ISD, this is their fourth stop in Texas.

Not only are all the campers missing at least one limb, every coach is as well.

Hayden Thompson, the first coach to ever join the organization and a former collegiate softball player, says "once you show them you're the example…they do it. They go ahhhh…I see. That's exactly what I needed to see".

All the coaches have played competitive sports on at least the high school level. That includes founder Sam Kuhnert.

A collegiate pitcher, despite being born without a left hand.

He saw the need to pass on that inspiration. Kuhnert explains, "if they start competing now and realize they weren't put in a situation they can't overcome….. they're gonna be so successful…. way past what they could have ever expected". Defying the odds and smashing stereotypes all at the same time… something that's extremely powerful". Delaney Kerby, a Mesquite ISD Teacher & Nubability Coach insists "we're not disabled. We're able and can do everything you can do and most of the time better".

Josiah Johnson, 12, missing both legs below the thigh says "no matter if you have two arms, two legs, or one arm…. you just gotta live your life to the fullest and do what makes you happy".

Josiah Johnson (credit: Keith Russell - CBS 11)

Simply put, there are no limitations in this world.

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