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Rick and John MOVE ON With the 5 at 10

Rick and John have the latest headlines and put Sunday behind them with the 5 at 10.

Rick and John are over it. It's time to move on from the Super Bowl loss and look for the positives from the Falcons season. Atlanta was better than every team in the NFL, aside from one. That one team is buried in snow and the sun is shining in Atlanta. MO wants some swag from Flowery Branch when John visits one more time later Thursday. They debated what's good and bad gifts from the Falcons.

To the headlines and Falcons dealing in free agency. Who deserves what and is there anyone the Falcons should break the bank for? More news from Kyle Shannahan, who announced he will not hire an OC. The Hawks beat the Nuggets at home and are now nine games over .500 for the season. More NBA news as NY Knicks legend Charles Oakley was ejected and arrested in NY Wednesday night. Finally, former NFL head coach Tony Dungy is getting blasted for cheating, but did he?

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