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Mother's Day Gifts For Techy Moms

Mom will always appreciate a gift that makes her life easier (and/or more enjoyable, of course), and the latest and greatest technology is a great way to do just that. While an iPad, laptop, or even a Kindle will of course be appreciated, here are five other more interesting and unique techy gifts to get Mom this Mother's Day.
Fitness Tracker
Fitness Tracker
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If your mom loves tech and working out, a fitness tracker for her is a must. The Fitbit Flex is one of the most popular wearable tech devices, and can easily track everything from how many steps she takes and how many calories she burns to how well she sleeps. Other wearable tech devices can do similar things and may offer a few different options, like the Jawbone Up24, which vibrates when Mom's been sitting too long to remind her to get up and move; or the Suunto Quest, which wears like a watch and includes a built in heart rate monitor.

Mini Safe
The Kitchen Safe
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If your mom would appreciate a tech-related rewards system, this KitchenSafe is the thing for her. All she has to do is drop the reward into the smart-phone activated safe -- whether it be a game controller for the kids, cell phones for the teenagers, or even a bag of cookies -- and then set what 'goal' needs to be reached before it's unlocked. The goal can be Fitbit related, based on location, or even based on a length of time, for, say, if she's limiting the kid's screen time. So chances are, this will be a gift from Dad.

Charging Tote Bag
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With all this tech mom will be carrying around, she'll need a way to keep her essentials powered up. One easy way to do that is to use a charging tote bag. EmPowered's patented leather bags not only offer wonderful and fashionable storage, but they also feature a charging cable that can power just about any mobile device (for Apple products, there's optional Apple adapters). With these bags and accessories, mom will never have a dead phone again!

Wireless Key Finder
Multitasking Mom
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Is your mom constantly misplacing her keys, or other items around her house? There's tech for that. Both the Kensington Proximo Starter Kit and Brookstone Key Finder include key fobs that you can attach to your keys (or any other item that Mom tends to misplace). Then, rather than Mom going on the hunt for her misplaced item, she can use the wireless transmitter and an alarm will sound from the key fob -- and this is just one of the many useful ways this awesome tech works. 

Elizabeth SanFilippo is a freelance writer, who enjoys trying new foods from all over the world. But her favorite city for culinary treats will always be Chicago. When not writing about food, she's working part-time at a culinary vacation company, The International Kitchen, based in the Windy City. Some of her work can be found at

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