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Mo's Night At The Time Warner Arena...All Michelle!

I can't even describe the feeling inside the Time Warner Arena.  It's like 2008 all over again.  I arrived inside just about 4pm and right before the storm, so I stayed dry!  It was so fun to hang out on the concourse and just chat with fellow Democrats and Delegates and prepare for the opening gavel at 5pm.  I headed to the GA Section (104) right above Florida (they are a rowdy bunch) to get a great seat for the rest of the night.  I knew it would be a long one.  DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz opened followed by Soror Vashti McKenzie, Co-Chair of the Credentials Committee.   Next up was CA Attorney General Kamala Harris and Gov. Martin O'Malley.  I met Kamala when she was campaigning in GA for her race in 2009.  Next came, Mayor Antonio Villariagosa to accept the Chair of the Convention.  I actually went to get a drink of water and ran into my Soror McKenzie who's grandmother was a founding member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.  Mayor Cory Booker gave an amazing speech setting the DNC platform.

HIGHLIGHT MOMENT:  Meeting CBS' Dan Rather!  Yes, I told him I had a talk show on CBS Radio in Atlanta and he stopped and talked to me, gave me some advice and took a picture.  A true legend.

Next, I ran into my old friend Michael Blake from the Obama campaign in Chicago.  We then saw a video from President Jimmy Carter and the GA Delegation gave him a standing ovation.  Ledisi performed for some musical fun and she sounded amazing.  Rahm Emanuel came to talk about the kind of President we have and how they talked about all the problems this country was facing when they first got settled into the White House.

The First Lady's brother, Craig and the President's sister Maya, spoke to the crowd about the type of people their siblings are.  It was very special.  I sat with my friend, Spelman sister and Soror Nia Phillips for the rest of the night in preparation for the First Lady.

HIGHLIGHT MOMENT: Lilly Ledbetter!  She was flat out amazing in every way.  So was Gov. Deval Patrick, who said my favorite line of the night, "Mitt Romney is more interested in having the job than doing the job!"  THEN, Mayor Julian Castro.  What can you say?  Rising star, future President!

BIGGEST AND MOST IMPORTANT MOMENT: First Lady Michelle Obama.  Class, Sophistication and poise are just some of the words to describe that incredible speech.  Makes me so proud to be a strong, educated, informed African-American mother, lawyer and supporter of the President…just like his wife!

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