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'We Have Not Only Love, But Black Love Shown': Miriam A. Hyman On Showtime's 'The Chi'

(CBS Local)-- Actor and musician Miriam A. Hyman is one of the many new faces on season 3 of Showtime's series "The Chi."

Hyman plays Dre and she enters the fold after recently marrying Nina, who is portrayed by Tyla Abercrumbie. Dre has a lot going on with a new wife and two step kids in Kevin and Kiesha played by Alex Hibbert and Birgundi Baker. Hyman was honored to be on the Lena Waithe created series because it tackles so many important issues.

"First off, it is a really dope show. It's super necessary, especially now," said Hyman in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "One of the best parts was coming in as a new character on this third season and there's already so much life that is being breathed into this particular show. To come into a team that was already so tight and so solid and I was able to work seamlessly with them and was accepted so early on during the process. That made my experience all the better for sure."


The actor says that she binge-watched the first two seasons of the show in order to understand the relationship dynamics between the characters that already existed. Hyman loves how multidimensional her character Dre is.

"I didn't want her to be a stereotype, I wanted her to be somebody that everybody can know and love," said Hyman. "If you do or you don't, there's definitely going to be that level of respect there. Let's rejoice and celebrate that we are very different. We have not only love, but Black love shown in this show. With the climate of the country and the world, I thought it was so important to make sure the love was there. I like to call it HOT: honest, open and truthful. I'm proud to be a part of a show that isn't afraid to show that Black love and love can exist in this way. It was never a question or any issue when I found out I was going to be married to her [Nina]. I was like dope, cool."

"The Chi" airs Sundays at 9pm EST/PST on Showtime and stream the whole series on the Showtime app.

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