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LOOK: Cat Steals The Show During Marlins-Braves Game

Bryan Altman

On Tuesday night the Marlins put on a show for their fans and bested the Braves 8-4. But thanks to a friendly feline that made it's way onto the field during the game, the Marlins were far from the main attraction at Marlins Park.

The cat, affectionately dubbed "Rally Cat," first appeared midway through the game in the outfield before it decided to scale the outfield wall and hide out in the building's home run statue.

Outfielder Marcell Ozuna -- who had a big game for the Marlins, with two home runs and a career-high six RBIs -- said that the cat stayed there for four innings and he checked on it routinely when he trotted out to take his position in center.

"He stayed up there for four innings. Every time I went on defense, I looked up there and the cat was hiding its head. I said, 'What are you doing up there?' In the last inning I didn't see it. I don't know where he went."

Luckily for the cat, it didn't find its way into the structure until after Ozuna homered twice since every time a Marlins player hits a home run sculpture roars to life with moving anamatronic parts that could have injured the uninvited guest.

If Ozuna had managed to hit a third home run, the team wouldn't have activated the sculpture, according to team president David Samson.

Ultimately, the cat disappeared from Marlins Park and hasn't been seen since, but it's left behind quite a legacy thanks to its unexpected appearance.

While some might hope "Rally Cat" returns, Ozuna those hoping the same even though he had one of the best nights of his professional career.

"I detest cats," Ozuna told reporters after the game.

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