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Metro Atlanta 'Be Rich Campaign' Murals Inspire People To Give, Serve And Love

ATLANTA, Ga. (CW69 News at 10) -- Several hundred people came together to support non-profits with eight inspirational murals. CW69'S exclusive story spotlights the inspiration behind the campaign and how you can get involved.

Artists, church staff and volunteers around Metro Atlanta spent hours in the sun painting eight colorful murals. They joined a global generosity effort called the Be Rich Campaign, to give, serve and love by helping non-profits.

Michael Stidham created the original design that inspired the other murals. "Bringing in a lot of colors and keeping it bright was something that we felt like reflected the energy of generosity," he said, adding "We were trying to create a design that was hopeful and vibrant, exciting." Sage Guillory put his own twist on a mural at the Atlanta Toolbank. "I took a heart and had the heart being pulled to one side and to the other side," Guillory said, describing the design. "For me it just means the heart being pulled by the community and by the church."

North Point Ministries launched the campaign 14 years ago. "This campaign was developed and birthed out of that drive to basically involve our community," said Ameera Joe, who oversees the campaign. It's based on bible scripture urging everyone to be rich in good deeds and willing to share. "You're acting and you're showing people what it means to be Christlike and what it means to be loved," said Joe. "It shows that we love everybody in our community, and we're not discriminating, and we're trying our best to get the word out that we care about them."

It involves 76 churches in 20 states and five countries. Last year, the campaign provided non-profits with $8 million and 35,000 service hours. Artists say it's a ray of sunshine during a dark pandemic. "I think it's pretty cool to have something that brings people together that supports non-profits," said Guillory.

The next campaign will pay special tribute to teachers. For information on the effort, click here.

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