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Rick And Arch Slice Of Life: Memorial Day Party Hard Or Relax?

Its the unofficial start to Summer and Memorial Day we want to know if you plan to go hard or take it easy.

Some see this as the first REAL opportunity to fire up the grill, others just want to relax and take it easy, so we talk about your Memorial Day plans. Rick like to go about half way, he will have some cocktails, but also has to work, so it will be a mix of both. Arch just plans to play golf all holiday weekend and maybe a grill out later, but its all about the divots. Mark is consumed with Braves all weekend, but saves the big party for Labor Day. Paul wants to make sure his kids are having fun first, what a great dad.

Finally, we respect and realize this weekend is also an opportunity to thank, celebrate and remember our Soldiers who have given up so much so we can party.

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