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10-Minute Tailgate Tour, Ep. 061: Atlanta Isn't Prepared & UGA Has A Lot To Prove

Mark is back with Ep. 061 of the 10 Min. Tailgate Tour.

We kick it off talking about the Super Bowl and how the ratings while down, were still huge. We compare the CFB National Championship to the Super Bowl and if Atlanta is ready for the big stage. MBS still has a lot of work before getting the attention it will receive. From there we talk about the SB Halftime show and how people put too much into a 10 min. mini concert. Plus, we make a plan for the 2019 SB Halftime show in Atlanta.

We move to the Dawgs and talk Signing day, ticket prices, coaches returning and a DGD makes it official. Finally, speaking of the historic recruiting class, we hear from head coach Kirby Smart on what his expectations are for the new class.


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