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Mark Owens: Top 5 Needed-but-Forgotten Tailgate Items

Last week we talked about the Top 5 Worst People at Your Tailgate (and thanks for making it pretty damn popular, you can read it HERE).

College football is back and all is right in the world. When packing for the tailgate, it's easy to remember the big things, like chairs, coolers, and grills, but in my excitement, I tend to forget the little things. So here are 5 items that are easy to forget but always needed on Game Day.

Top 5 Needed-but-Forgotten Tailgate Items

1) Ice. Despite football being synonymous with the return of fall, the first few games are still pretty warm, if not hot. That one bag of ice you bought at 8 am won't survive the noon heat. And few things are as depressing as warm beer. Maybe a sunburnt scalp?

2) Sunscreen. Comparable to the ice situation, the late summer heat can do real damage to your scalp and cheeks. I'm 100% guilty of not lathering up before a game, then looking like a legitimate sunburnt redneck post-game (while drinking a warm beer).

3) Baby Wipes/Hand Sanitizer. As a new father, I have come to love baby wipes. They aren't just for your little princess's butt anymore. I use them as napkins, face wipes, and—if really desperate—toilet paper (emergency only).

4) Trash Bags. We UGA fans have a bad reputation for trashing our own campus. In recent years, the school has done a great job providing cardboard trash cans on game day, but bringing a few extra won't hurt. UGA PSA: Clean up after yourself, you filthy animal.

5) Ponchos. Those random pop-up storms can be tricky, and if it's raining on your ride up, forget about stopping at the gas station when you get close; everybody else will have beat you to it. You can get cheap throwaway ponchos for $1 at Big Lots or the Dollar Store. I usually keep four or five in the back of my car, just in case. And if you get desperate, sell them to the visiting team's fans for $5 each. Nice job, you capitalist!

Honorable Mentions: Toilet Paper, Tylenol/Advil, and Energy Drinks.

Did I miss any big ones? Follow me on Twitter @Marko6262 and let me know.

Thanks, and Go Dawgs!


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