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Mark Owens: Top 10 Corporate Takeovers In College Football

Its been an emotional week for the Dawg Nation. Within 24 hours, we lost our hopes of making it to the SEC Championship followed by an ugly loss to in-state rival Georgia Tech.

As we wait to find out what Bowl we get to complain about, I was thinking about how nerve racking this week has been and I need to by stock in heart burn medicine.

So, if each team in the SEC was best represented by 1 Corporate Sponsor, who should it be?

(thanks to fans on social media for help with some of these)

1) UGA: PriloSEC (just makes sense)

2) Alabama: Bandwagon Pinot Noir Wine (Thanks Adam)

3) Arkansas: Cinemax at 2 am (high expectations, but always a let down)

4) Auburn: Lucky Brand Jeans

5) Florida: 5-Hour Energy. Anything to stay awake this season. (Thanks Bobby)

6) Kentucky: The Kentucky Mens Basketball Ticket Office

7) LSU: TruGreen Lawn Care (Thanks AT)

8) Ole Miss: What company makes those little red/blue dresses the co-eds wear on game day? That one.

9) Miss. State: Guitar Center

10) Missouri: The Big Bang Theory (A successful program, yet we cant find any hardcore fans)


South Carolina: Coors. (If its good enough for a shirtless Spurrier, its good enough for you)

Tennessee: (now you're singing the song)

Texas A&M: Taylor Swifts Music (we cheer against it, but secretly respect it)

Vandy: The Twitter Account @EmptySeatsGalore

(Honorable Mention) GT: Schlage Locks Triple Option Deadbolt (Thanks Anna)

Got your own addition for this or another school? Let me know on Twitter @Marko6262

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