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Marietta 12-Year-Old College Student Accepted Into Georgia Tech

MARIETTA, Ga. (CW69 News at 10) -- Just when you thought the future couldn't get any brighter for Caleb Anderson, a 12-year-old Chattahoochee Technical College student, Georgia Tech has accepted him for Fall 2021.

The Anderson family received the long-awaited email notification on December 4, and they shared video of their reaction on social media.

He'll major in Aerospace Engineering at 13 years old, working on his bachelor's and master's degrees.

"I'm extremely excited," Caleb said. "I found out that I was going to one of the colleges that I really wanted to go to. I think this is a big step in my education."

"I just started crying. Tears started coming down my face," said his mom, Claire Anderson. "This is where he wanted to be, and you know, it wasn't something that you could take for granted," said Kobi Anderson, his dad.

It's been a huge journey for their quick learning son, who entered private school at just 22 months old.

Caleb also got another early Christmas present: Steve Harvey is paying the tuition. He also provided a new MacBook, which Caleb opened on Christmas Day.

"We are extremely grateful for Steve Harvey for taking this financial burden off of us," said Claire.

Once he finishes at Georgia Tech, he plans to further his education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

He offered a few words of advice. "Always have a backup plan, because nothing in life is 100%," he said, explaining how he believes failure is a good thing. "You have to learn from your mistakes. So I don't think you should be afraid of failing. In some cases, I think you should be afraid of succeeding."

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