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Manhunt Of Teens Suspected In Burglary Spree Ends In Arrest

HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - Teens suspected in a recent burglary spree in Hernando County evaded capture multiples times, were detained, escaped police custody and led authorities on a manhunt.

Over the course of the last several weeks, deputies assigned to District One (primarily in the area of Commercial Way and Osceola Drive) in Hernando County have handled a high number of calls for service regarding Vehicle Burglaries, ATV Thefts, and Golf Cart Thefts. In this same area, a golf cart was reported stolen over the weekend.

While on proactive patrol in the area of an abandoned motel, located at 8285 Commercial Way in Weeki Wachee, Deputy J. Lamondra observed a golf cart matching the description of the one that had just been reported stolen. As the deputy stopped to check the golf cart, he observed a black male flee from the motel into a wooded area.

Deputy Lamondra was unable to locate the black male who fled, but did locate and recover two stolen golf carts from the scene.

Based upon the physical description provided by the deputy, detectives determined the suspect was possibly Breydhun Lawrence. Lawrence, who has a history of committing vehicle burglaries, had just been released from probation for same. Lawrence was also listed as a Missing Juvenile (HCSO) and had an active pick-up order for Resisting Arrest w/o Violence (HCSO).

In addition to the description provided by Deputy Lamondra, detectives obtained video surveillance and witness statements from various residents. This information included the fact that a black male and a white male, both in their late teens, were observed attempting to steal golf carts.

District One detectives worked closely with Crime Analysts and learned that Lawrence and Robert Wilkins Jr. were associates. Wilkins also had a history of vehicle burglary and grand theft auto and was showing on juvenile probation for Grand Theft Auto.

On 05-03-21, detectives responded to Wilkins' residence in hopes of speaking with him. Wilkins was not at home at the time. While at the residence, detectives spoke with family members who stated Wilkins has become increasingly hostile over the last few months and refuses to comply with his probation sanctions.  Family members also stated they observed Wilkins in possession of a handgun, with a laser sight, two days prior to the detectives visit.

Detectives showed family members photographs of firearms recently stolen from unlocked vehicles. Family members stated the handgun in Wilkins' possession was "identical" to one of the stolen firearms.

Detectives notified Wilkins' probation officer of this information.

On 05-04-21 just before 8 a.m., deputies responded to the abandoned motel, located at 8285 Commercial Way in Weeki Wachee to conduct a Security Check and to see if Lawrence and Wilkins were present.

Deputies located both Lawrence and Wilkins inside the unsecured building and began attempting to place them in custody. As Wilkins was being placed into handcuffs by one of the deputies, Lawrence pushed/battered the other deputy and fled from the building into the same wooded area he ran to the previous weekend.

Additional deputies were dispatched to the area to assist in the search for Lawrence.

Wilkins (still handcuffed) was escorted to the patrol vehicle and placed into the back seat. As the deputy began driving away, Wilkins (unbeknownst to the deputy, had maneuvered the handcuffs from the back to the front) immediately kicked out the rear passenger side window of the patrol car. Wilkins jumped out of the opening and fled in the same direction as Lawrence.

Deputies immediately set up a perimeter. Numerous patrol deputies, detectives, warrants detectives, K-9 units (including one from the Pasco Sheriff's Office), HCSO Aviation, and the HCSO Drone Unit all responded to the area to search for the suspects.

Both individuals were observed by deputies at various times but continued to evade capture.

After searching for approximately two and a half hours, Deputy J. Andrews and K-9 Chase located Lawrence who had been hiding under a shed.  Lawrence was placed into custody and transported to District One so he could be interviewed by detectives.

As the manhunt continued for Wilkins, detectives searched the motel room where they were originally located. During a search of the room, detectives located a black Ruger .380, 9mm ammunition, several watches, a laptop, IDs and credit cards for various individuals, clothing (that the suspects were wearing on surveillance video), keys to various golf carts, and various other items.

Behind the abandoned motel, detectives located two ATVs and a backpack. Inside the backpack were two firearms. When interviewed by detectives, Lawrence admitted to numerous offenses, stating he and Wilkins committed the offenses together.

Breydhun Lawrence B/M DOB/06-29-2004 (16) was transported to the Department of Juvenile Justice in Ocala. He was charged as follows:

-       Armed Trespass of Structure
-       Battery on LEO
-       Resist Arrest w/o Violence
-       Pick Up Order - Resist Arrest w/o Violence
-       Numerous additional charges forthcoming within the next day or two regarding vehicle burglaries, thefts, golf cart thefts, ATV thefts, residential burglaries.

Deputies continued searching for Wilkins throughout the afternoon and evening.

On 05-05-21 at approximately 8:10 a.m., Wilkins was taken into custody. He was located at a residence on Indian Trail Road in Weeki Wachee.  Wilkins was no longer handcuffed.

When interviewed by detectives, Wilkins admitted to numerous offenses, including kicking out the window and jumping from the patrol car.

Robert J. Wilkins Jr. W/M DOB/01-27-2005 (16) was transported to the Department of Juvenile Justice in Ocala.  He was charged as follows:

-       Armed Trespass of Structure
-       Escape
-       Criminal Mischief (Patrol Car)
-       Petit Theft (Handcuffs)
-       Numerous additional charges forthcoming within the next day or two regarding vehicle burglaries, thefts, golf cart thefts, ATV thefts, residential burglaries.

This investigation is ongoing. Additional information will be provided when available.

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