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Lou Holtz: "Mark Richt Is One Of the Classiest Persons That You Will Find"

ESPN College Football Analyst, Lou Holtz joins the show to discuss Todd Gurley and the Georgia Bulldogs as well as this week in the NCAAF.

Asked "How he would've handled the Todd Gurley situation?", Coach Holtz answered "I would err on the side of caution. What I don't understand is why Johnny Maziel got half a game and Todd Gurley has already sat out one game with no real result in sight. I don't think that's quite fair. I'd sit him down and tell him you tell me exactly what you did so I can make an intelligent decision because this is going to effect a lot of people. That's how I'd approach it."

Answering what he believed is the most difficult challenge in coaching today, Coach Holtz said "I think the most difficult challenge in coaching today and it isn't for the better is the internet where anyone can get on there and make any accusation and don't have to sign their names".

Coach Holtz shared, "I feel Notre Dame will win by 10 over Florida State" giving his prediction of this Saturday's match-up.

Lou Holtz Joins Marc & Randy

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