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Local Entrepreneurs Utilize Pandemic To Disrupt Healthcare Tech Industry

TAMPA BAY AREA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - Local and national healthcare innovators and entrepreneurs, better known as disruptors in this case, are using the COVID-19 pandemic to get ahead in technology and medicine. Their plan: Disrupt The Bay.

"Entrepreneurs and healthcare experts out there have these ideas and they already have these products and they have these prototypes," said Stan Liberatore, Founder of Disrupt the Bay. "But we need to get them to market so people can get quality care."

When describing Disrupt The Bay, "Innovators and disruptors and entrepreneurs and C-level executives and chief physicians from the major healthcare systems in the country, all together and putting them in one room so that way we can truly disrupt traditional healthcare," said Liberatore. He says it's a virtual conference where fresh minds will showcase big data and new technology. "Granted, there is technology out there that has been pushed to market, and now it's finally because of COVID, it's getting the attention that it deserves and it's accelerating,".

Some keynote speakers present at the conference will include professionals from Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa General Hospital, and  John Nosta, who says now is the time to disrupt. "Today is a unique time in human history. You know, you go back a little bit and everybody knows what IQ is, we want to be smart, and people want to be empathic and have a high EQ, but interestingly, what we're seeing today is the emergence of a new idea that's called TQ, our ability to assimilate technology into our lives is an arbiter of success," said Nosta, who also serves on the Google Health Advisory Board and is a World Health Association Tech Expert.

Liberatore says the rate of innovation in healthcare is at an astronomical speed right now. Some examples we've seen just during the pandemic include telehealth and mobile clinics. "It's been something that's been in the works and iterated on for the last ten years and now it's a must," said Liberatore. "With these concepts, with these ideas, we need to get them exposed."

That virtual conference will be held August 6th and 7th. For tickets, just visit

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