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LISTEN: NBA TV's Sekou Smith Joins The Morning Show

NBA TV's Sekou Smith joined the show to talk about the NBA Finals, Hugh asked Sekou what the Warriors were like last night after the game, "To say it was a feeling of dejection is an understatement, in fact the families were more distraught than the players."

Hugh asked Sekou if the Warrors choked in the series "No, they got outplayed, I think you have to give credit to the team that won, not figure out why the team that lost did so, give Cleveland credit for coming back and taking this series."

When asked where he would rank LeBron in all-time greats, Sekou said "LeBron is now in that conversation, he has to be included in the conversation when you talk about the top 5 players of all-time, and what he did in this series bolstered his legacy into that conversation."


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