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WATCH: Atlanta Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff Says 'Freeney is not here to mentor or coach, he's here to get after the QB.'

Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff joined The Morning Show this morning on our stage at Flowery Branch.

Hugh asked TD how good this team can be. Dimitroff answered, "I've been really impressed with the defense. Coach has been really good with telling us exactly what he wants, he knows his defense inside and out. Contrary to what was reported we were doing many things this offseason to improve the pass rush."

When asked about how the rule changes to the CBA have affected the way the team develops players, Dimitroff said, "When the rules changed in '11, from that point on we have not been able to develop the players the way we used to. So you have to find creative ways to develop them within the rules. Our staff pulls them aside after practice and teaches them things, again within the rules."

Watch the entire interview above OR listen to the interview below:


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