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Kyle Shanahan Almost Lost $30,000 In Super Bowl Tickets

Ryan Mayer

By now, you likely know the story of former Falcons offensive coordinator losing his backpack that contained the Falcons game plan during the course of Super Bowl Media Night for a short period of time. However, the iPad with the game plan on it was far from the only thing that was in the backpack. According to an interview that Shanahan gave with reporters in the Bay Area after being introduced as the 49ers new head coach, Shanahan's Super Bowl tickets were in the bag as well. From

"It was a very panicked feeling," Shanahan said.

But Shanahan wasn't panicked because of the presence of his game plan, which would still have needed a password to access.

"[But] that had all my Super Bowl tickets in it for all my friends and family, so it's basically a $30,000 bag of cash that was missing," Shanahan said. "So that was my panic."

That explanation certainly makes Shanahan's panicked reaction more understandable. $30,000 worth of tickets is no joke, particularly when those tickets are likely earmarked for friends and family that want to attend the game. Shanahan further acknowledged that he's a forgetful person later in the conversation while saying he had a good laugh with reporter Art Spander, who had mistakenly taken his bag.

"The worst part about it is I am a forgetful person, besides football," Shanahan said. "My wallet, I lose regularly. All the quarterbacks, my wife, every friend I've ever had, they're like, 'Of course, you lost the gameplan.' I'm like, 'No I didn't! Someone jacked me, I promise.'

"No one believed me."

Eventually, the backpack was returned with everything intact. Shanahan looks back at it and laughs now.

"I messed with Art on that," Shanahan said, chuckling. "'What, do you work for [Patriots coach Bill] Belichick or something?' He didn't get my joke, though."

All's well that ends well for Shanahan as the backpack was returned to him with everything still inside.

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