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Kevin Hart Shuts Down $7.2 Million Lawsuit Filed By Ex-Business Partners

Kevin Hart Shuts Down $7.2 Million Lawsuit Filed by Ex-Business Partners. A judge has granted Kevin Hart's motion for summary judgement in his recent battle with StandUp Digital. The mobile app developer filed against Hart in July of 2018, after Hart's admission of infidelity on social media "completely destroyed" the launch of their joint game, Gold Ambush. StandUp Digital sought $7.2 million in damages, alleging that Hart's failure to privately disclose his confession with them was a breach of contract. . According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the judge disagreed and found that Hart had no obligation to inform the company about the affair announcement. As put by Hart's attorney, Donte Mills, the case is officially "dismissed," and the company's claim was found to be "baseless.". The company brought a baseless claim and was not only kicked out of court, but will be forced to pay him because of it. This is a victory against frivolous lawsuits and people who seek out celebrities to sue, which happen way too often, Donte Mills, via The Blast. Now, the only issue left to deal with is Hart's counterclaim against the company. which alleges StandUp Digital never provided him with any income or accounting for the game's profits.

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