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Keepin' It Real with Rev. Al Sharpton: Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve?

On today's show Al Sharpton discussed homosexuality. Michael Sam, a University of Missouri defensive lineman who is expected to be drafted into the NFL, publicly stated on Sunday that he is gay. His confession has sparked media attention, and made for a very interesting Hot Button Monday debate.

As callers weighed in on the subject, one caller from Alabama expressed how strongly he opposed homosexuality as he made remarks that many found offensive, including Sharpton. Dr. Earl Ofari Hutchinson also weighed in on the subject. The debate sparked a controversy that raised a few tough questions for listeners. Is it harder to accept gay athletes compared to other gay men? Are gay black men tearing down our black families? Do we really have the right to judge the personal lives of others? Should we force our own religious beliefs on others?

Take a listen to part of the discussion below....

Adam & Steve Debate

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