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Kansas City's Mayor Makes Good On Super Bowl Bet, 250 Meals Went To First Responders

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - Super Bowl LV has come and gone in the Tampa Bay Area, but that didn't stop 250 local first responders from reaping the benefit of Mayor Jane Castor's friendly wager with Kansas City's mayor.

"Clearly, I knew that we were going to win. I didn't know we were going to win by as much as we did, but nonetheless, a win was guaranteed," said Mayor Jane Castor of the City of Tampa.

In a confident Super Bowl win, Mayor Castor announced Monday that 250 meals would be given to local first responders for their hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mayor Castor continued, "And so it was critically important that we focused on the healthcare workers, those individuals that have been working so hard."

"While we are very friendly rivals of the Chiefs, today we work together as a team to honor the healthcare providers by these meals today," said Kelly Cullen, Chief Operating Officer at Tampa General Hospital.

"At normal times, it's an exciting sporting event. This particular instance, we got to be both host city and one of the participants and then put the win on top of that," said Mayor Castor.

Upon welcoming Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas to Tampa Bay during Super Bowl LV, Mayor Castor told reporters the two agreed upon a win-win bet that regardless of the outcome of the game, the winning team's home city first responders would be provided with a meal.

"We've been in this pandemic for about a year, the latter part of February will mark one year… and it's been a very difficult time for this team," said Cullen.

"What made me proud when I watched the game on tv was to see the healthcare workers in the stadium," said Richard Gonzmart, President, Columbia Restaurant Group.

And what better way to celebrate a local win with local workers than having those meals administered by local renowned hot spot, Columbia.

"Thank all the workers at Tampa General for making the city of Tampa a better place," said Gonzmart. 

"This is a population that cannot have any visitors so the nurses and the PCTs and the doctors and the entire healthcare team are the family of these patients so I am so unbelievably proud of our team for the care that they've provided," said Cullen.

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