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John and Arch's DRY 5 at 10

John and Dave Archer, who's in for Rick, get game-day ready with the 5 at 10.

They kicked the show off with a booze & soda free January conversation. Arch doesn't think John will make it 30 days without Mountain Dew. Mark is worried about this weekend, being inside all day watching football without having a beer. They got into the 5 at 10 with the Falcons who have the week off, but are in full preparation mode for next week's playoff game. Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan is getting job offers, how much longer will he be a Falcon?

To the Hawks, who beat Orlando, and they previewed the Coach Bud conversation. College basketball news and Duke rolls over Georgia Tech with the returning Greyson Allen who sat out one game for tripping a player. Butler upset No. 1 Nova.

Click below for today's 5 at 10:


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