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Joey Chestnut Discusses His Experience On "The Amazing Race"

World champion competitive eater Joey Chestnut is the ultimate problem solver. He's figured out how to eat 72 hot dogs in 10 minutes and how to consume over 140 hard boiled eggs in eight minutes. Chestnut's next challenge will be trying to win "The Amazing Race" on CBS. The 10x Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest champion will compete alongside fellow competitive eater Tim "Eater X" Janus in the 30th season of the show. This opportunity combines two of Chestnut's favorite things in the world: traveling and competition.

Chestnut talked with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith about why he wanted to be on the program, his interesting relationship with Janus and the best trips he's ever taken.

DJ Sixsmith: Why did you want to be on "The Amazing Race"?

Joey Chestnut: Well, it's been around forever and I love to travel. It's really competitive. I'm super lucky that I'm got on the show, it's crazy.

DS: How will your career as a competitive eater help you on the show?

JC: As a competitive eater, I have to solve problems. It's a weird job. Every contest is a different food. It's kind of like "The Amazing Race." Every leg is different and I have to be able to deal with that and make my body work for me, even if it's weird and uncomfortable. "The Amazing Race" is weird, uncomfortable and filled with new things.

DS: You are teamed up with fellow competitive eater Tim Janus. How did you guys become friends?

JC: We were competitors and initially, we weren't friends. We actually hated each other, we hated each other for a long time. He's a great competitor and I respect him. That's probably how we became friends. He pushed his body really hard and it impressed me. It's more of a relationship based on respect than friendship.

DS: What were some of the craziest experiences involved with filming this season of "The Amazing Race"?

JC: Oh my god, there's going to be some dancing. There were so many crazy things. There was a lot of running, too much running.

DS: You mentioned that you love to travel. What are the best trips you've taken in the last few years?

JC: I was in Thailand last year, it was amazing. I was playing with tigers and elephants. Thailand is awesome and so are the beaches. I went to Japan not too long ago also. I enjoy seeing different people and different cultures and not being afraid of being shy. I like to ask questions because it's alright to not know the answers. I like it that way.

DS: Finally, you head into 2018 as the #1 competitive eater in the world. What are your goals for the New Year?

JC: I'd love for this to be the one year I go undefeated. I've never done that. I feel like this could be the year.

Season 30 of "The Amazing Race" premieres Wednesday, Jan. 3 at 8pm EST/PST.

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