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Joe Jonas Crashed A Jonas Brothers-Themed Spin Class

(CNN) -- Joe Jonas surprised a SoulCycle class that was playing his music while he was in Atlanta.

The singer was visiting the city on business and had a free afternoon, so he checked out local exercise classes. He happened to find a "Jonas Brothers vs. One Direction" themed class at a nearby SoulCycle studio but it had a waitlist.

Jonas still drove over to the studio to make a personal appearance.

"The class is sold out, but I'm gonna see if I can walk in and say hi to some people," Jonas said in a video he posted to Instagram.

He arrived and asked a staffer at the front counter who was winning the Jonas Brothers vs. One Direction class. They replied that One Direction was ahead, but they let Jona walk into the class.

The shocked instructor said, "Hey! What's good? What's going on here?"

Jonas began dancing and walking around.

"Holy s---!" someone replied. "Is this for real?" asked another.

"Joe Jonas, everybody!" the instructor said. "We're real right now. This is live."

Jonas even ended up getting a little bit of exercise when he hopped on a bike and started riding along with everyone.

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