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'Jane the Virgin' Star Gina Rodriguez on Now and Beyond Golden Globe

"I can and I will," an inspirational phrase born by Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez. The CW's "Jane the Virgin" actress has taken the world by storm first as Jane and now with her outstanding ambitions. I mean, "I can and I will" has been a QOTD (Quote of the Day) for months now, she's sort of a big deal. The Puerto Rican beauty stands for power and everyone wants a bite of it. Therefore, it doesn't come by much surprise to us that she means to go above and beyond a Golden Globe win. She's fearless, and we're attracted to every ounce of it.

Scroll below for highlights from her Adweek interview. She tells us all about her social media pet-peeves, aspirations to writing an inspiring book and her special role-models.

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1. Insight on "Jane the Virgin" Plot Twists

The script was love at first sight for Rodriguez. A huge plot twist for her was Jane's relationship with Rafael. She told Adweek, "That was a huge twist. I was like, 'What?!'"

Side note: the cast isn't allowed to know the future of their characters. Meaning, they are just as much surprised as we are. Who would have thought, there's a communal guessing game going on. :)


2. Jane vs. Rodriguez's Personality

A major similarity: Jane and Rodriguez are both fearless.

Differences: Jane's character is Mexican and Rodriguez is Puerto Rican. Rodriguez speaks with a deeper voice but when Jane speaks it's with a higher tone. Also, they both value their fingernails differently. Jane never bites hers and Rodriguez goes to town on her fingernails.


3. Her Role-Models

Call it cliche but it's amazing to hear that her role-models are her mom and dad. She says, "[they] fought for everything they ever had." The actress learned to stand up for beliefs and rights from them. AW!


4. Social Media Pet-Peeves

Rodriguez is 100% transparent and interactive with her fans on social media (raise your hand if she's retweeted you); but, believe it or not, she can't stand when people are constantly on their phones and not engaging with one another.


5. Her Career Five Years From Now

The CW beauty sees herself successfully producing films and TV shows that help promote cultures, working on an inspirational book during this year's hiatus and creating a humanitarian foundation with her sisters that aims to help with education and ending child hunger.

For the full interview, please visit Adweek here.

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