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Jameis Winston: "You have to overcome adversity." Seriously?

Florida St. QB Jameis Winston, who has been suspended for the first half of the #1 Seminoles' game against #22 Clemson Saturday, held a press conference Wednesday and apologized for his comments.

"First of all I want to apologize to the university, to my coaches and to my teammates," Winston said. "I'm not a 'me' person but in that situation it was a selfish act and that's not how you do things around here. I really want to apologize to my teammates, because I've done a selfish act."

Sean Maguire, back up QB will replace Winston in the first half.

"Sean is a great quarterback, and that's why Coach Fisher recruited him," says Winston. "Sean is hungry. He wants his opportunity. God has blessed him."

Winston went on to say that his team will only think positive thoughts.

"You've got to overcome adversity and that's one thing at Florida State we do. And when I do get my opportunity to play I'm going to do anything I can," Winston said. "That's going to eat me up. I want to be out there on the field, but I did something so I have to accept my consequences and I'm going to apologize to my team. We're not going to think about negative things, we're going to think about moving forward and winning the game."

"I messed up and I have to accept the fact I did that. It eats me alive I did something like that. I can't carry myself that way and me and Sean, we're going to watch film and I'm going to try my best to put our team in a good chance to win this game."

So there's that.

Jameis says "You have to overcome adversity." Seriously? Really? This is considered "adversity" to him?

Overcoming adversity is overcoming a handicap.

Overcoming adversity is being raised by a single parent in a poor neighborhood and growing up making all A's and going to college.

Overcoming adversity is dealing with the loss of a loved one and healing.

Winston has to overcome stupidity.

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