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'It's An Explosion. It's Just A Football Explosion.' Bucs Fan Talks Super Bowl LV And Why It Came At The Perfect Time

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - If you've been in Downtown Tampa in the last 24 hours, you know exactly what we mean when we say it's nothing like we've seen in a long while! CW44 spoke to one local that was swept up by the experience.

Local and visiting fans have converged on Downtown Tampa to celebrate the historical aspect of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers competing in the Super Bowl in their hometown.

CW44 News At 10

"It's an explosion. It's just a football explosion. As far as if you're a Bucs fan or a Chiefs fan, one or the other, you're going to be a Bucs fan when you leave," said local, Drakkar Saunders. Wrapping up his third year as a student at USF, 24-year-old Tampa resident Drakkar Saunders took a much needed break from the books Friday to check out the fan festivities happening in Downtown Tampa.

Overwhelmed with the town's support of the Bucs, Saunders added, "I originally came down just to see what was going on. There's so much talk of things moving and grooving, I just figured it would be a good time. Honestly, it wasn't too far off from my expectation. The Super Bowl 55 Experience on the Riverwalk was beautiful. There was so much to see. In addition to that, there [are] so many people just together and… just a lot of good energy." Saunders, who moved to Florida from the midwest about five years ago says it's like nothing he's ever experienced.

As a transplant resident, Saunders related his previous experience from up North. "Honestly, it's amazing. I'm from a small town in Indiana so this is stuff you only hear your friends talk about. To actually experience it, like…again, it's just life."

CW44 News At 10

Saunders even had a chance to meet a few people along the way. "Oh, there's so many people from all over coming in. Honestly, I just met a gentleman from Colorado not too long ago."

After taking a step back from work, his studies, and even a mask for a brief moment, he says the celebration couldn't have come at a more perfect time. "How this past year has been, this has probably been one of the most exciting weekends that we've had in Tampa in a while so…" said Saunders. "What more can you ask for? Everyone is just out here to have a good time and.. it's just beautiful."


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