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Is Nina Dobrev Moving To 'The Originals'?

Word on the street is that Nina Dobrev is going to appear in season two of The Originals.

Considering how Klaus left things in Mystic Falls, you can be sure that it's not Elena heading to Bourbon Street. You may remember in season 3, a storyline about a women named Katia. (She was the doppleganger of Amara, similar to Elena and Katherine.)

Katia was a woman whom brothers, Elijah and Klaus both loved (Sound familiar? There must be something about dopplegangers.) and now it looks like she'll be making a return... meaning that Nina Dobrev will be playing Katia in season two of The Originals. I wonder if this is going to stir up some old drama... because we sure hope so!

People are calling it a crossover, but it's not really a crossover because Katia was not a main character in The Vampire Diaries, and no other characters are set to appear. I will be interested to see if any other TVD characters make an appearance in the coming episodes, I'm still holding out hope for Klaus and Caroline. ;)

Season two of The Originals premieres Monday (10/6) at 8pm!

Tara Wikoff | CW44 Tampa Bay

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