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Interview with "Cinderella" star Kaitlyn Mayse

The Prince is giving a ball as Rodgers + Hammerstein's Cinderella heads to the Fox Theatre this weekend. The show will be here until Sunday, April 7th. I spoke with Kaitlyn Mayse (Cinderella) in her own little corner about taking on such an iconic role.

(L-R) Zina Ellis and Kaitlyn Mayse in Rodgers + Hammerstein's Cinderella. © Carol Rosegg

See the interview below:


W: Cinderella is an incredibly iconic character portrayed by so many. From Julie Andrews to Brandi, how do you bring your originality to this role?

K: The legacy of this role is absolutely overwhelming and humbling. My Cinderella is strong-willed, passionate and a little silly. She is close to my heart and teaches me so much about myself on the daily. I definitely did research before beginning rehearsals for the role, which included looking into all of the different portrayals of her, but once I did, I put that all away and focused on the script and music in front of me. I wanted my Ella to come honestly from me, and the best way for me to do that was to start blank from the source. And, of course, had lots of help from our incredible and insightful creative team, including Gina Rattan (Director), Lee Wilkins (Choreographer), and Greg Anthony Rassen (Music Director).

W: What attracted you to this show?

K: I was attracted to this show because of its incredible message of kindness (and the gorgeous, Tony Award-winning costumes by William Ivey Long, of course!). This particular production really does have some sort of magic around it and genuinely changes everyone who has touched it, including the audiences.

W: How did it feel when you first "transformed" into Cinderella? I can imagine putting on those glass slippers felt like magic!

K: Magic only just begins to describe it. It was terrifying to think of the shoes I was filling and the little ones who would be there looking up to her.  It was thrilling to think of what was ahead. And it was especially moving to see all of the hard work and rough patches culminate into something beautiful and tangible, looking back at me in the mirror.

Kaitlyn Mayse and Lukas James Miller (center) and the cast of Rodgers + Hammerstein's Cinderella. © Carol Rosegg

W: If you had to bolt down palace stairs like Cinderella (but still look stylish), what would be your shoe brand of choice?

K: To be honest, I always value comfort over style, so I would probably be wearing some sort of tennis shoe. Maybe a nice New Balance with solid arch support. :)

W: What do you want us to take away from the show once we leave the Fox?

K: That kindness and generosity are far more important than beauty or status. And that impossible things really are happening every day! 



Don't let the clock strike before you get your tickets to this fabulous show. You can find your invitation to the ball, right here!

See you there. I'll be wearing sparkles, obvi.

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