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Interview with Double Dare's Robin Russo!

OMG, so I am so excited because my childhood dreams are coming to LIFE on Thursday, May 9th. Double Dare Live! will be at the Fox Theatre hosted by game show legend himself, Marc Summers! Put on your safety goggles and harem pants, and get ready to relive the fun of the messiest game show on Earth. I spoke with Robin Russo, co-host of Double Dare. Check it out:


W: Okay, so for every 80's and 90's kid like me, can we expect the zany, fun-filled experience we watched on Double Dare, or will it be an entirely new experience for a newer generation?

R: The live show is exactly like the show you see in TV. We have physical challenges that are clean and messy and we play the game and run the obstacle course. It is a fun filled two hours.  

W: My favorite obstacles were "Down the Hatch" and "Pick It." Will some of the show's best-known obstacles be part of this show? Will there be new, fun obstacles? And what's your favorite obstacle on the course?

R: My favorite obstacle is Pick It. All the obstacles will be there including the Sundae Slide and Down the Hatch. All are messy and fun.

W: How do you choose contestants for this show?

R: We run through the audience and pick kids and adults to come on stage. It's a very interactive show.

W: What do you think makes a show's impact, like Double Dare, so huge? 

R: I honestly believe it's a family show that brings adults and kids together. Also, Marc appeals to the kids and the parents. Adults want to come on stage as much as their kids. It's action-packed and fun.

W: What's one of your favorite memories from the show? 

R: My favorite memory of this live show is watching the families running the obstacle course and sliming each other at the end. I love that. 

W: Will. There. Be. SLIME?!

R: You bet there will be slime :)   


If you weren't already excited enough, I hope this did it for you. There's still a chance to grab your ticket to the show, which includes VIP packages for meet-and-greets and great obstacle course photo opportunities. Click here for the scoop!


On your mark...get set...GO!




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